Oh dear time fly by, a lot has happened. I'm still breeding cairn, but we have moved to a big farm outside Stockholm to live and to compete with our horses. I have had a few litters during the last year but I havn't been that ambitious like before. Just now I have a litter of 2 boys and one girl.

BIS at "Herre på täppan" 2012
Magnum Opus Xena is also a showgirl and beutifylly made. Best in Show at her first dogshow only 9 month old.
The judge Kjell Carnbrand described her as follows:
Totally super. Unfortunately she has a big fault, she is not mine! Soooo beutiful.

Magnum Opus Xena (9 month)

BIS-4 junior, 14/10-06!!
Magnum Opus Tyra is a little showgirl. She becomes no 4 in Best in Show junior finals at the Terrierclubs dogshow in Hallstahammar last
The judge P.Heikkonen-Lehkkonen described her as follows:
A very beutiful and well developed bitch, good size and proportiones, feminin head and dark eyes, long nech and beutiful topline, excellent angulations, well carried tail, still a bit puppylike in the movements, the coat are a bit short, very promesing!

Magnum Opus Tyra (5 month on the picture)

Congratulation to a new Champion, Chardas Casai !
Many hugs and congratulation to your 15th champion Lena Lindström.
What a very nice litter, 7 puppies and 3 are champion today and one more has one CC!!!!
I also want to congratulate Georg who is the owner of this beutiful dog!

Champion Chardas Casai (e: multich Kramers Geronimo)
BIS - 2 Puppy at dogshow in Vallentuna!!
Congratulation kennel Goldclint to a astonishing result 10/9-06 with your fantastic dogpuppy, Goldclint Give Me Five!

Grandma is soooo proud!

BIS - 5 Puppy at SKK dogshow in Avesta!
Sister Goldclint's Give Way doesn't do less!
A very promesing girl!

Goldclint's Give Way (e:Magnum Opus Sombrero)

Multichampion Kramers Geronimo want's to congratulate his beutiful doughter to her 2nd CC!
We want to give you a very big congratulation to "Kickans" 2:a cert at SKK's dogshow in Askersund in August!

Goldclin's Get Trendy (e: Multich Kramer's Geronimo)

Best in Show Jungster and 2nd best bitch, 22/7-06!
In July Sally became 2nd best bitch of 48 bitches at The Cairnterrierclubs offficial dogshow in Eskilstuna.

The judge Mrs A Smee, England descrived her as follows: Lovely feminine head, good outline, desireable dark points. Good quality coat.


Raskens Respected Billy Joel and Magnum Opus Sally (1 CC)

Best in Show Veteran, 22/7-06!
Galanta is flying ahead and becomes Best in Show Veteran!
The Judges critics:Beutiful range brindle bitch of 8,5 years old
in lovely condition. Well muzzled, beutiful outline.
Extrovert personality!

Multich Magnum Opus Galanta and Ch Seedich Chivas

We want to congratulate Ch Kramer's Geronimo who became father of 7 puppies at kennel Mac Marino last month, well done Tassen!

In July Sally became 2:nd best bitch of 48 at CTK's official dogshow Sme'träffen. The judge Mrs A Smee, England described her as follows: Lovely feminine head, good outline, desireable dark points. Good quality coat.

They are expected in beginning of September.

Magnum Opus Sally+ Ch Chardas Casai=True

BIS-4 puppy at Avesta, 17/6-06 !
Big hug to "Treo" who trot his way up to BIS-4 at Terrierclub's national dogshow in Avesta!

Goldclint's Give Me Five (Magnum Opus Sombrero - Goldclint's Game Over)

BOB and BOS and two CC !
"Tassen" want's to congratulate his son and daughter, Chardas Casai and Goldclint's Get Trendy for their wonderful results yesterday 17/6-06.
"Melker" took his 2nd CC and became BOB.
"Kickan" took her 1st CC and became BOS.

Chardas Casai

16/4-2006, Galanta Best bitch at "Lilla Stockholm"!
My beutiful and most wonderful Galanta becomes best bitch this weekend. She has never been this beutiful as she is today 8,5 years old.
She have had 5 litters and her children and grandchildren are champion and CC winners. Totaly she have had 28 puppies!!!!
Thank you Eigil for showing her!

Norduch NV-02 Magnum Opus Galanta

16/4-2006, Daughter Sally get CC at "Lilla Stockholm"!
Well Galantas daugther isn't far behind, Sally becomes Best bitch-4.
She has been close a few times but now we got the first CC!

Magnum Opus Sally

16/4-2006, Little Tyra becomes Best of Breed puppy at "Lilla Stockholm"
Yes little Tyra was sailing in the ring, guess who her mum is?
She is a really showgirl whom I lool after gently!

Magnum Opus Tyra (8 weeks at the picture)

Goldclint's Give me Five a really good looking offspring
after Magnum Opus Sombrero and Goldclint's Game Over.
What would become of him?

Goldclint's Give me Five

Crufts 2006!

Congratulations Kennel Kramer to your super results at Cruft's. I specially want to congratulate Galantas granddougther "Mira" who was placed as 3rd best junior.



Champion Kramer's Whispering the Name "Mira"

Best in Show, 4/3-2006 !

Magnum Opus Tyra became Best in Show puppy 4-6 month this weekend at Swedish Terrierclub's dogshow in Sollentuna. The judge Hans Rosenberg gave her this critics:

Feminin attractive wholeness with appearance and charm. Good head and expression. Good angulation front and back. Moves in a pleasant way!

Magnum Opus Tyra

Placed as Best Bitch - 4 !
Magnum Opus Sally was also highly placed. Judge was Mr M.Kipinä, Finland who gave her the following critics:
Excellent type with good proportions. Excellent topline. Well angulated. Good body. Very expressivt head. Good coatquality. Good movements. Good temperament.

Magnum Opus Sally