I have always been a horsegirl. During my childhood I wished ho have a horse nothing else. Finally to my surprise they gave in and I got a therabread when I was 14 years old. At the same time my sister got a dog just as she wanted. Guess which type. A Cairnterrier. This was around 1980 a red little dog from the kennel Snorrehus. He followed me to the stable everyday and enjoyed the long trips around the woods. Well this dog were not mine so when I was twenty years old and moved out of my parents house I also wanted a dog of my own. I bougt a little bitch from a small kennel in Eskilstuna. As a puppy she was promesing but after she changed her teath the bit changed so it wasn't anything to show at dogshows.

I am person who likes to compete. I like to set up goals. The horses, yes there where more than one, have I competed with and had goals for everyone. Of course I wanted to have a dog wich I could both have as my friend at home and also compete with. 1990 I bought a beutiful bitch from Katarina Köhler, kennel Gigolos. The bitch was after Katarinas dog Ch Sarimont Simon Templar. He had won extremely much here in Sweden and also abroad, and Katarinas own breed Gigolos Miss Gettie. My little bitch Gigolos Göppa Göppa won plenty at the dogshows but never got any CC, unfortunately.

Well, my breedingcarrieer nearly stopped before it had begun. Since I had high demands on my bitch, yes I wanted it to be a champion. But she was more than qualifyed and Katarina said to med to go ahead. Katarina and I think Elisabeth Reuterswärd, kennel Ess-O-Ess were involved in this matter. At the same time I started to think which name I wanted for my kennel. I choose Magnum Opus.


I'am married to Fredrik and we have two beutiful children. We live in our own house in Österskär 30 km north of Stockholm. Around us we have lots of people that help us. We got a new familymember this year, he is called Appache and is a pony for my children to ride!

Dogs at our house

Home with us lives Galanta that with her intelligence play with us all the time, and her doughter Sally. Mynta is living in another family but I still own her. I also own Tassen, he is now back in norway for a half a year.

Thoughts about the future

A Cairnterrier is the perfect dog in the modern society. You can easily bring your dog with you by bus, by plane and so on. They are perfect in size and they still manage a tough day in the woods. See to that you work with your Cairn, they love it. I know that many swedish breeders look for more "new" blood in their lines. The Swedish Kennelclub recommends not to breed closer than cousins. I my self try to hold very low inbreeding percentages on my litters. Genetics recommend  not to have higher inbreeding percentage than 6%. When breeding with dogs that are closely related you can get small litters, dogs with bad fertility, decieses of differnt kinds and bad tempers on the dogs.

I know that our swedish Cairnterriers are of high class and that they have been that for many years. Keep up the good work.

I want to wish all my friends a happy new Cairnterrrier year!