Here Louise and Appe are at the price ceremony. Another Grandson of Galanta!
At Sockholms Fältrittklubb where our team were placed as number 3 in the finals of "Ponny allsvenska division 2"! Champion Kramer's Quicksilver
Grandson of Tassen and Galanta Daughter of Tassen,  BOB and BOG-3 puppy, Vallentuna Brukshundsklubb
Champion Caroqs Cuadroon Goldclint "Kickan" Get Trendy,
"Loppan" and puppies "Loppans" toes are attacked


A daughter of Tassen, BOB and BOG-3 puppy at Norsk Dalmatinerklubb This is our new family member! Appache!

Goldclint Get Lucky,

GIOLO'S GÖPPA GÖPPA "Fia " Past away in June -2005 Almost 15 year old.

The mother of Ch Magnum Opus Aniara.

Born: 16/7-1990

Breeder: Catarina Köhler

S N INTUCH Sarimont Simon Templar NORD INTUCH Sarimont Sycramore S NUCH Snorrehus Tildens Souvernir
INT NORDUCH Sarimont Sangria
NORD INTUCH Sarimont Scratch-Cat INT NORDUCH Igloo's Tuffing
INT NORDUCH Sarimont Shelley
Gigolos Miss Gettie SUCH Roughyline Ashy -Ambrose INT NORDUCH Snorrehus Janus
Raskens Ettan
Mac-Yvons Cool-Countess Caesar
Hickorys Emma


The girls of Magnum Opus, 4 generations, 2000

Magnum Opus Isorelle

My children in aktion 2001. Such Magnum Opus Aniara becomes BIS-puppy, at CTK Vadstena 1993.
1991, "Fia" Gigolos Göppa Göppa as a junior. Fia, Annie and Assi 1994.
Such Magnum Opus Aniara takes her championtitel 1995 On a trip with my mums schnautzers.